We, artists of Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre, are very proud of bearing the name of a thousand-year-civilization capital, which has brought up the water puppetry art for over ten centuries. Vietnam water puppetry has won all hearts of a large number of audiences thanks to Art Festivals, which we have attended in Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, and Hongkong, Denmark…. These are some of the countries we have ever performed in:


+ 1999: Sydney (Australia), Athens (Greek).


+ 1998: Spain, Portugal, Iran, France, Italy, Philippines.


+ 1997: Italy, Mexico, France, America, Belgium.


+ 1996: Spain, Brazil, America, France.


+ 1995: Denmark, America, Spain, Portugal, Japan.


+ 1994: Australia, Spain, France, Switzerland, Korea.


+ 1993: Hongkong, Japan.


+1992: Japan, France, Thailand.


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Puppetry art perf ormance

Secondly, stage: the front of the screen was the square water stage of about 4 x 4 m. There were low fences, which surrounded the stage where puppets performed....detail