Some typical pieces:

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1 . Teu:

Teu is the embodiment of a young healthy, good-natured, plain farmer who plays the role of a narrator in every village’s festivals. He is the one opening festival, introducing programs and informing current events of village. In the festival, Teu has right to tease any event or people. Thanks to his regular appearance, Teu has become the intermediary to bridge spectators with characters. Let’s see how Teu introduces himself:   
Being born from the sky
Gone into extile by picking peaches
Seeing complicated worldly matters
I have to tramp to see to “Troubles” 

2. Farmer’s works:

I’d like to tell about the village’s green rice field and bamboo shade,
Riding on buffalo’s back playing flute, please returning if till remembering Main agricultural works are represented by puppets such as: ploughing, cultivation, irrigation, etc...

3 . Legend of Sword lake: 

This folk tale relates to the legend of the Sword lake. According to historical documents of Vietnam, the national hero Le Loi led the insurrection over 10 years (1418 - 1427) to gain the independence. The war of resistance was extremely arduous but thanked to the precious sword given by the Golden Turtle Le Loi gained victory and enthroned in 1428. Once day when the King rode on a boat on a lake to relax, Golden Turtle appeared to get back the sword, since that time, the lake was named Lake of the Restored Sword or Sword lake which is now in the centre of Hanoi.
Magic sword given to fight enemy
Overwhelming all daring invaders 
Returning sword to golden turtle after victory day
Lake of restored sword is unforgettable.

 4 . Achieve academic honors and pay thanks to ancestors 

At the Temple of Literature – Imperial Academy in the centre of Hanoi city, the name and biography   of the candidates who ranked first in the national examinations since 11th century. Their names have been engraved in the stone steles placed on the turtle-shells. This reflects achievements of the scholars and also highly promoted the importance of the education. Traditionally, every 3 years there was an examination to be held in the imperial palace and those who passed the examination became mandarins and appointed to hold positions in the  court. After passing the examination, they turned to their village, wearing beautiful clothes accompanied by orderly, to meet their parents, relatives and village people. They were welcomed by the village people with drum sound and flags. This long-standing tradition encouraged Vietnamese people to be studious, respect the talents and make people understand that: one can lose money, frame, family member, but one must have education.

5 . Fairy dance:

The dance relates to theme “Dragon-Fairy” which is considered the ancestors of Vietnamese people. Around 2800 BC, Lac Long Quan  married to Au Co and gave birth to 100 eggs, opened into 100 children. 50 of them followed the father to go to forest, 50 followed mother to go to the sea. And then Lac Long Quan abdicated the throne to the eldest son and named the country Van Lang. The oldest son became the King, get the name of Hung Vuong as the first King of Vietnam. The dance reflects the desire of Vietnamese people to live a peaceful life.