Puppetry art perf ormance

Secondly, stage: the front of the screen was the square water stage of about 4 x 4 m. There were low fences, which surrounded the stage where puppets performed. ...detail

Puppetry art perf ormance

"Swimming in the sluggish flow"- this proves that the puppets were attached to 3-4 m bamboo poles. (Because the tortoises could not swim sluggishly if the poles were shorter). Besides, the square of the ponds must be at least 10 x 10 m to suit the length of the poles. ...detail

Puppetry art perf ormance

In the three kinds of activities above, the role of "roi" (puppets) has not been fully mentioned in the art performances but just in entertainment and on a limited scale. Only in the stage that puppets can show their distinct creation as well as the capabilities in art performance. ...detail

Different forms of Vietnamese Puppetry art

Before becoming an art performance, national puppetry grouped together into guilds in villages. The performances depended on the puppeteers’ passion, money labor contribution and fellow villages’ help. Each guild kept their secret methods and they were passed from father to son with oath ...detail

Birth and growth of puppetry art

Puppetry is a " highly flexible stage art", which expertises in using puppets, wooden statues and disguised appearances to act in a play on the stage. These art instruments called puppets. ...detail

The art of the water puppettry

Puppetry is a traditional art form closely connected with the long-standing spiritual life of the Vietnamese people. There are many kinds of puppet-shows in all the corner of the country. Puppets of different kinds can be found all over the country. However, puppetry art has been developed and diversified as well as popularized mostly in northern midland areas and the plains in Vietnam. ...detail