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Thang Long Water Puppetry and Friends.

Since being established, our main task is to serve domestic audiences and tourist with "165 performing days". Besides, Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre has introduced this traditional art of Vietnam to other countries and attended International Art Festivals in Asia, Europe, Australia, Latin America. Vietnamese water puppetry shows are warmly welcomed and highly appreciated wherever they are staged. The famous Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre has been performing in many countries:

+1999: Sydney (Australia), Athens (Greek).

+1998: Spain, Portugal, Iran, France, Italy, Philippines.

+1997: Italy, Mexico, France, America, Belgium.

+1996: Spain, Brazil, America, France.

+1995: Denmark, America, Spain, Portugal, Japan.

+1994: Australia, Spain, France, Switzerland, Korea.

+1993: Hongkong, Japan.

+1992: Japan, France, Thailand.


What about children? We can freely imagine during an hour of the performance and we must say that this is an useful, good change to set them away from " Sega’s world".

Sunday Telegraph , Australia.

A "great party" not only for eyes but also for hearts…, the most miracle and brilliant art in the world.

Adelaide Advertising Company, Australia.

A rare and attractive gift in history. Each performance hides behind another miracle thing.

San Francisco Examiner Newspaper, USA.

After the show, we have a wonderful emotion of getting away from the rice-fields to the brilliant-neon-light city. We can’t help praising the harmony that is created by this art.

Los Angeles Times, USA.

The show is not on a large scale, but it shows the skills with miracle and admirable fireworks. If the standard of an entertainment is to bring the audience an eager emotion, Thang Long water puppetry is really worth watching.

Summer Times, Australia.

When mentioning to Vietnamese water puppetry, the praised words such as "excellent" or " wonderful" can not express it. As for me, I’m very glad to be born to watch Vietnamese Water puppetry art.

Takeda Sennoseke

Chair of the Japanese Water Puppetry Committee.

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