Water puppet show: “SACRED WORD DONG BAO (SIBLINGS)”

img_7209-copy-1-768x542 Playwright: Meritorious artists: Hoang Tuan – Dang Tien Program consultant and comments writer: Prof.Dr. Pham Quang Long Director: Hoang Tuan – Meritorious artist Puppet-maker:  Chu Van Luong – Meritorious artist Art Director: Hoang Tuan – Meritorious artist


The program consists of 8 items: 1. Item: Children of Dragon, Grandchildren of God 2. Item: Working, production, fighting (fishing, fighting tiger, transplanting and ploughing) 3. Item: Fan dance 4. Item: Khen dance 5. Item: Lotus dance 6. Item: Champa dance 7. Item: Tay Nguyen dance 8. Item: National festival dance

(Gold medal – at Third International Puppet Festival, Hanoi in 2012)

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