On adjusting the ticket price at Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

Dear Customers,

First of all, Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre would like to share our appreciation for the support and cooperation of customers after all this time. Along with that, Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre has constantly developed and improved, as well as giving the best for all customers.

In recent years, the theatre has been constantly innovating, improving in all aspect such as service quality, repairing, improving facilities as well as service staff and especially the quality of performing arts. Based on all these factors, along with the movement of changes in market prices, Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre is pleased to announce the adjustment of ticket prices, specifically as follows:

      Fares for A, B, C, D seats: 200.000VND/ticket.

     Fares for E, G, H, I seats: 150.000VND/ticket.

Fares for the remaining 8 rows (K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R): 100,000VND/ticket.

Along with the ticket price increase, customers buying tickets at the price of 200,000VND and 150,000VND will enjoy the accompanying benefits (gift with purchase DVDs contains traditional music and traditional water puppet acts).

New fare will be applied for the shows from 01/10/2018, sincerely thank all the customers and look forward to receiving the share and support from you.

Best regards!

Hanoi, September 5, 2018