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Integrating 'Swan Lake' into Vietnamese Water Puppetry Art


Despite of being a traditional folk art attracting a lot of foreign tourists, the fact is that puppetry art has no longer been interested in by Vietnamese audiences. Before the coming 4th International Puppetry Festival with the theme of Connecting the World Heritages, reporter of Great Unity Newspaper chatted with Meritorious Artist Chu Luong – Deputy-Director of Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre, one of Vietnam’s representatives participating in the above Festival. Reporter: Thank you for this interview!

Director Nguyen Hoang Tuan


A director is a person who sees the whole of view of a play, making the structure for each act, organizes language, actions of characters harmoniously with the author of screenplay. In the late 20th century, director has played a role of a person who lives with screenplay. In the early 21th century, director has been a person who organizes pieces. Since its birth, puppetry has been performing actions, a puppetry director has difficulties in arranging acts,