Playwright:  Nguyen Dang Tien – Meritorious artist

Director: Nguyen Hoang Tuan – Meritorious artist

Art Director: Nguyen Hoang Tuan

At beginning of the universe, days of burning sun were followed by days of torrential rain. Storms, thunders, lighting and tornadoes were ruling the earth. Mountains sprouted up from the flat land and somewhere dense forest sank immense into seas.  On the shore of the Pacific Ocean, an S- shaped strip of land was formed as our beloved Vietnamese country. On this land, our Dragon – father Lac Long Quan met our Fairy – Au Co. Their love gave birth to 100 siblings, who become 54 kindred ethnic groups: Kinh, Dao, Tay, Muong, Van Kieu, Pa Co … Some of them live in the delta, other in the mountain yet, they all share the same blood. They cherish mutual affection and solidarity, calling themselves “Dong Bao “(siblings). As a saying goes, “Birds have nests while humans have origins”, we are proud of being descendants of the Dragon and Fairy.

  ( Silver medal – at First International Puppet Festival, Hanoi in 2008 )

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