(14 outstanding puppetry items selected from more than 400 ones among the ancient puppetry source of Vietnam)

The show is performed with the participation of the distinguished meritorious and excellent artists and actors, actresses of  Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre Art Director: Meritorious artist Nguyen Hoang Tuan


Opening music – concert of traditional music instruments


1. Thang Long Festival Drum: Opening rite by drum performance for opening the water puppetry show, create exciting atmosphere for audiences.

2. Dragon dance: Dragon is the one of top four sacred animals Dragon – Unicorn – Turtle – Phoenix. According to folklore, “Children of Dragon, Grandchildren of God” is the origin of Vietnamese nation. Thang Long – name of the Theatre means flying dragon.

 3. Chu Teu – narrator: Teu is a typical and unique character of folk water puppet, bold with characters of Vietnamese farmers joyful, humor, intelligent and happy with life “I’m originally a fairy, I went to earth since I love human …” Teu leads audience to the magical sparkling world of water puppet, create the joyful and, association between the puppets and audiences.

4. A little boy with flute on a buffalo: The boy riding buffalo and playing flute. The sky is clear and blue, the sounds from the flute make the soul flying. This is a hobby of Vietnamese children in folk painting, prose and verse, stage, especially embedded in mind of Vietnamese expatriates.

 5. Transplantation, plough, bailing out water: “Let go transplanting and ploughing, working hard now, wealthy someday … “ daily activities of Vietnamese farmers who are hard-working and laborious on the rice field.

6. Catching frog: After hard working time, the farmer brings the rod to catch frog, which is an unique form requiring the frog-catcher to be familiar with the technique and have skillful practice.

7. Fighting fox – catching duck: To produce rice, sweet potato, chicken, duck, the farmers have to work hard. They have to fight with nature, with foxes, civets to protect their products.

 8. Fishing: When having free time, farmers create bamboo trap, bamboo basket, net for fishing, increase their living standard. A pond full of fishes. The fisher just do fishing for pleasure.

 9. Hát văn: Hát văn or chầu văn is a traditional folk art with religious form. It is close to people and strongly attractive to the working masses.

 10. Phoenix dance : Phoenix is king of birds as ancient notion. The couple of Phoenix dance together to honor love and happiness of a couple.

 11. The legend of King Le Loi returned the sword to the Golden Turtle: Le Loi revolted to against aggression, was given a magic sword by God. When the enemies are gone, the King rides on a boat on a lake to relax, Golden Turtle appeared to get back the sword, since that time, the lake was named Hoan Kiem lake. This is a beautiful sight seeing of Hanoi.

 12. Unicorn dance : This is a folk game originated from a very long time, favorite game in the festivals.

13. Fairy dance: relate to a legend saying that the ancestors of Vietnamese are Dragon – Fairy. Around 2800 BC, Lac Long Quan married to Au Co and gave birth to 100 eggs, opened into 100 children. 50 of them followed the father to go to forest, 50 followed mother to go to the sea. The oldest son became the King, got the name of Hung Vuong, named the country Van Lang. He is the first King of Vietnam. The dance reflects the desire of Vietnamese people to live a peaceful life.

 14. Four Holy Animals dance (Dragon – Unicorn – Turtle – Phoenix): The dance of 4 precious sacred animals, honor nature and life.

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