Truong Ba’s soul in the butcher’s body



Script: Late author Luu Quang Vu

Script adaptation: Artist par excellence. Nguyen Đang Tien

Director: Artist par excellence. Le Chi Kien

Assistant performance techniques: Artist Nam My

Music: Đang Huu Phuc, Nguyen Tuan, Xuan Phuong

Choreographer: People’s Artist. Ngoc Bich

Stage designer : Artist pr excellence. Doan Bang

Puppet designer: Ngo Thang

Lighting: Hai Phong

Sound: Huu Tuan

Art advisor: People’s Artist.Hoang Tuan

Show leader: Artist par excellence. Le Thu Huyen

Art director: Artist par excellence. Chu Van Luong



Based on the famous script Truong Ba’s Soul in the Butcher’s Body by the late author Luu Quang Vu, Thang Long Puppet Theater has adapted it for puppetry. Truong Ba’s Soul in the butcher’s body is attractive to theater-goers not only because of its lively and extremely familiar story but also because of unexpected, exciting innovations brought about the puppetry art.

The show is an experimental one which combines diferent genres such as chèo singing, sẩm singing,văn singing and dancing and a mix of human and characters and contains innovations of  a contemporary nature. A person’s tragedy is shown when he lives temporarily and unnaturally in another person’s body. As a result, his kind – heartedness degenerates because of the domination of his borrowed body and his daily life.


The play wins “The best experimental puppet show” in The 3rd International Experimental theatre festival, Hanoi 2016

Other awards:

– 4 Golden badges for the roles “De Thich” and “The butcher’s wife”

– 4 Silver badges for the roles “Truong Ba” and “Truong Ba’s wife”