Water puppet show: “FLYING UP FROM WATER SURFACE “

Playwright: Chu Luong-Meritorious artist Director: Meritorious artist: Hoang Tuan-Chu Luong Choreographer: Khanh Toan Puppet-maker: Chu Luong-Meritorious artist Art Director: Hoang Tuan-Meritorious artist

anh-balletThrough the performance trips all over the world, Teu has opportunity to exchange of views and contact with many literatures. On occasion of the Fourth International Puppet Festival, Teu introduced to Vietnamese audience the distinctively literatural characteristics of some countries such as “Bullfighting” – Spain, extracts from the classic ballet “Swan lake” by Russian talent composer – Tchaikovsky. The two items have been showed in form of water puppetry, combining the Western literatural factor and traditional water puppet of Vietnam.

(Silver medal – Fourth International Puppet Festival, Hanoi in 2015 – “Swan lake” won the Gold medal)

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