Water puppet show – on Occasion of 1000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi


Playwright and Director: Meritorious

Artists: Hoang Tuan, Dang Tien, Chu Luong and artists of Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre

Music: Musicians: Ngoc Quang – Dang Huu Phuc

Puppet-makers: Chu Luong – Dang Van Thiet

Director: Hoang Tuan – Meritorious artist


“Vietnamese water puppetry is one of traditional distinct art form with its history of thousands years, experienced through historical ups and downs, puppetry is still performed, preserved and developed as an invaluable thing”. The show comprises of many pieces demonstrating daily life of the farmers, habits and customs, folklore festivals. Some outstanding pieces: Catching coconuts, Quan Ho singing, Procession of village’s tutelary god, Chau Van singing, Fish turns into dragon … combining features of water and land puppetry, using musical material of Northern delta and achieved art efficiency.

( Gold medal – at Second International Puppet Festival, Hanoi in 2010)

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