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In the war against Mongolian invaders, bid puppets troops of Ha Dac played an important part in defeating the enemies occupying Cu Da caves.

In 1425, after 20-year-period of war, Le Dynasty was established (1428-1788). Le Dynasty took great interest in literature so that traditional folk art such as Cheo, Tong widely developed and diversified. The puppetry art did not have the literal origin drew back to village festivals. But in Le literature, people found puppets in "Loi giao tro" by Tham Roc land-puppet troupe (Thai Nguyen). The biggest outdoor theatre has been reserved in Thay Pagoda (Ha Tay province), built on the surface of the Long Tri Lake. Puppetry art also had influence on Le literature: Le Thanh Tong (1441-1497) had a poem:
"A puppet". Old literature work, when Ngo Dinh Chat retired in 1750, wrote: " …Hearing the kite-flute at Nhue River, watching puppetry at To Market are all beautiful sights, attractive entertainment…" This had an impact on "Chieu tung Tay Ho" by Pham Thai, written in Tay Son period (1788-1802). Although Nguyen Dynasty (1902-1945) concentrated only on developing Tong, the age-old traditional
puppetry art still ingrained in rural areas. Nguyen, Head of Lang Giang County (Bac Giang Province) wrote down in "Kinh Bac climate and geography":

" There is Dong Van troupe in Duc Hiep Village And there is puppetry in Dong Ngu village…"

Nguyen Cong Tru, one of the greatest poems in Nguyen Dynasty, described his life as "…finding the right time to perform "roi" to satisfy other people…"

Puppets were also found in Doan Nguyen Tuan, Duong Khue, Nguyen Hien Dinh, and Nguyen Khuyen literature. The Royalty invited folk puppet guilds to Hue capital to perform in honour of Kings’ longevity or newly crowned Kings. The prominent character, buffoon Teu, always sang a song to say goodbye to the audiences: "East or West-home is best".

Dien Bien Phu victory has brought back peace in North Vietnam. Since July 1945, North Vietnam swept away the position of feudalism and colonialism and preserved the culture tradition. Communist Authorities and Government now officially encourage puppetry art in an attempt to forge a national cultural identity.

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